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Astera3D: adding new dimensions to product marketing.

Photo-Realistic. Interactive. Brilliant.
Are you doing everything that you can to make sure that your products stand out?
One way of ensuring that your prospective customers are engaged is to replicate the in-store experience online - let them see your product and 'handle' it as if they were stood infront of it. This helps product memorability, converts browsers to buyers and can help to reduce returns.

That's what we do. We create visually fantastic replications of your products so that your customers can get much closer to your product. Click here to see some of the work we have created.

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Convert Browsers to Buyers
Boosting your online sales

Despite a steady rise in the number of consumers who research products online, a higher percentage of those internet-savvy consumers are still going ‘offline’... more>>
Global Product Launch
The whole world is invited.
Imagine if every journalist, reviewer, prospective customer or enthusiast-blogger could interact with your new products when you launch them... more>>