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Convert Browsers to Buyers: Boosting your online sales.
Despite a steady rise in the number of consumers who research products online, a higher percentage of those internet-savvy consumers are still going ‘offline’ to purchase.

A significant factor here is that very few products are purely functional. That is to say that most have an aesthetic quality- a particular look or feel - that most websites do not convey. So for this reason your prospects make the journey to a store to have a look at the products first hand.

But of course this introduces an element of purchasing risk that is now completely beyond your control.  If your customers are at the point of purchase, but go to a store to complete the transaction, there is a risk that they will either go cold on the whole idea or, on making it to the store, will be persuaded to go for a different product altogether.

However studies have shown that the addition of rich, interactive product promotion increases the consumer’s disposition to buy, and importantly to buy online.

This is due in part to the interactivity – consumers become immersed in the whole product exploration - but can also be attributed to a 'complete purchasing experience'. The consumer has researched and experienced the product to their satisfaction and is now ready to purchase. In short visiting a store adds nothing except inconvenience.

This effect is magnified when the product demonstrations echo the narrative and key features as described in the product’s website. Consumers spend far longer on product information pages after ‘playing’ with a product tour and spontaneously recall more key messages than in instances where 3D models aren’t provided.

What we find here is that the interactive product promotions mirror the effect of a sales person, reinforcing the relevant product supports, whether they are rational or emotional.

Making it easier to research products online is only one piece of the sales journey. To really convert your prospects into online customers you need to offer a credible alternative to the in-store experience. And used correctly not only does 3D increase traction but it can positively reinforce the purchase decision.
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