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Here's a small selection of the work that we have done.

Remember that there is no limit to the possibilities with these 3D models.

In the Sonos example we have a straight-forward user-controlled 3D model. Whereas the Kodak camera includes a number of animations such as turning the power on, removing the batteries. It also shows a small key features information box.

You should also consider evolving the interactive animations to involve the user in product exploration. In the Samsung Plasma TV example the consumer can click on the back panel near the connectors to see exactly what can be plugged into it.

Similarly self-running animations can be created out of the 3D models to act as a promotional video or product tour.

The examples in this showcase open in a new window. But they can as easily run in a normal page in the same way that you might add and image to a page of web content. Also the console would be changed to suit your own branding and style.

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