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Engaged customers are
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What we do.

Put simply: we bring your products to life online.

Customer engagement is key to succeeding in online sales and branding. Without it yours is just another message in cyber space.

Our team of modelers use the very latest technologies and techniques developed over many years of working with 3D animations. Our experience of working with companies of all sizes means that you can rest assured of getting the result that you are after, every time.

There are the 3 broad purposes to that we work to. Of course divisions can get a bit blurred and ultimately if what you had in mind relates to 3D you should still get in touch. The categories are how the customers benefit most from your activities.

Product demonstration: Here you let the model do all of the work. What you want to achieve here is for consumers to see your product and instantly pick up on key features. These are typically self running movie clips of a product. It might be as simple as seeing the product revolve 360° or it could be more involved. Perhaps showing what happens when a product is turned on, how to insert the battery, and so on. These can be used in presentations as easily as online.

Product interaction: Sometimes we just want to take control and look around a product. Our 3D models will allow consumers to rotate freely, zoom in or out or move it around. We can also enable key aspects of a product for a more realistic experience. For example pull a draw out of a desk, open/close something, or attach in a wire.

Product tour: While being able to play with a new product is vital to the customer, it may not be enough. There are occasions when you want to promote the key features and describe what makes that just so special - after all very few website visitors will actively read 'promotional' content. An interactive product tour helps to bridge this gap. You can highlight the key points of a product while the consumer is engaged. These tours can also be used for education on how to operate a device or product.

Go to the Portfolio page to take a look at some examples of our work.
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